Transparent rolling shutters are suitable for commercial and residential use. They combine maximum security with high transparency and also offer protection against UV radiation.

They are made from P.C.P. material modules which are linked together using aluminum tubes 16mm, thickness 2mm. They combine maximum security with high transparency and also offer protection against UV radiation. A great advantage of this product is that offers unlimited protection to corrosion since the polymer material cannot be oxidized. Its operation can be manual or electrical. Compared to metallic rolling shutters, they offer significant higher level of thermal and sound insulation. Also, compared to perforated or grilled rolling shutters, they offer protection against water, air and dust penetration.

Easy & friendly to use system. Manufactured by continuous elements, made from special polymer plastic P.C.P. of high endurance (dimensions of the basic unit: 360 x 80mm), which can be easily assembled.

Significant energy saving. Because of its transparent characteristic the transparent shutter allows natural light to enter your store. Both heat and sound insulation are better than the ones provided by steel shutters. At last but not least, its insulation makes the shutter very durable against fire and every chemical substance based on chloride.

Complied with European Security norms - Flame resistance according to french classification Μ2

Total protection. The material of the transparent shutter offers unlimited proof against corrosion since the plastic cannot be oxidized even if the shutter is installed near the sea, where steel shutters have limited lifetime. Furthermore, it offers 100% UV protection which means that all products that are placed at your store’s showcase will not be torn out or lose their vivid colors. Compared to grilles and perforated shutters, transparent shutter protects from water and dust and wind.

Great capability of adjustment. Suitable for all dimensions and all types of stores since the internal aluminum tubes ensure high levels of rigidity and durability. Equally important is also its ability to be combined with closed type shutters (Aluminum or steel). Transparent shutters "ClearView" can be combined with steel or aluminum profiles in order to obtain as much transparency as you like.